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Tournaments rules

⏱️ Period of the event: 28/03/2022 (12:00 UTC) β€” 19/06/2022 (23:59 UTC).

πŸ“ Number of tournaments: 36.

⏳ Time of the tournaments: 12:00 β€” 23:59 UTC. A new tournament starts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

πŸͺ™ Minimum bet: 0.20 EUR (0.20 USD, 0.30 CAD, 20 NOK, 1 PLN, 20 RUB). πŸ’Έ Qualifying bet: real money only β€” the player cannot have an active bonus when playing.

πŸ† Prize pool: 100 EUR + 200 FreeBets.

πŸ… Places: 10. The players in places 1-3 get money prizes, the players in places 4-10 get FreeBets prizes.

1st place β€” 50 EUR

2nd place β€” 30 EUR

3rd place β€” 20 EUR

4th place β€” 50 FB

5th place β€” 40 FB

6th place β€” 30 FB

7th place β€” 30 FB

8th place β€” 20 FB

9th place β€” 20 FB

10th place β€” 10 FB

🎰 Qualifying game: Aviator (Spribe).

πŸ” Strategy: Rate. The player who has the highest ratio of win amount to bet amount wins.

🦢 Spins step: 100.

A Spins step sets the frequency with which the system is checking and recording players’ bet results. For example, if the Spins Step in a Tournament is set at 100, it means that the system will be saving the results for each player once in every 100 spins. If a player makes 200 bets, their results will be recorded twice. Only the highest of these results will count when selecting the winner.

✍️ Registration: available before the start and during the tournament.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Participation: user confirmation is required. The player must press the confirmation button before the start or during the tournament.

πŸ’° Awarding: automatic after the end of a tournament. The FreeBets prizes are credited to the game Aviator (Spribe).

πŸ’³ Wagering requirement: money prizes β€” Ρ…5, FreeBets prizes β€” Ρ…30.

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