About cryptocurrency

Effective from: 26.11.2021
Last updated: 26.11.2021

How to make a deposit?

Easy: in just three steps!

  • Select the currency of the deposit;
  • The system will generate your personal deposit address;
  • Transfer money from your digital wallet to your personal generated address.

How to withdraw ?

Click the “withdrawal” tab. Next, select the currency. After that, specify the appropriate address for transferring funds and the withdrawal amount (make sure that the address is for the selected currency).

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

We recommend the following methods:

  • Purchase it on a crypto brokerage. You will need to create an account and make a deposit. Remember that a commission is charged for depositing funds, which on average is 3-5%. You can store assets at your unique crypto exchange address.
  • Use a crypto exchange. By doing that, you can purchase digital assets using bank cards and electronic payment systems. As a rule, the interface of an exchange is much simpler, and the commissions are lower than those on crypto exchanges (approximately 1-3%). However, you will still need to create an account on a crypto brokerage or a crypto wallet in order to store the purchased coins.

We have prepared for you a useful list of platforms where you can purchase digital assets.

The material and links to third-party platforms are published for informational purposes only. The operator is not responsible for errors or information provided on third-party services.

Where and how to store cryptocurrency?

  • 1. Storage on a crypto exchange. It's simple, convenient and allows you to quickly exchange your assets. Registration doesn’t take much time. However, it is not recommended to store large amounts of money there due to possible hacker attacks. Choose the most popular and trusted crypto exchanges.
  • 2. Storage of digital assets in browser-based crypto wallets. Many wallets have their own mobile application. These wallets are easy to use, and registration does not take more than 5 minutes.
  • 3. Storage on hardware wallets. Although this is the most secure storage method (because such wallets are not connected to the Internet all the time), it’s not the most convenient one. As a rule, large assets are stored on such wallets.

What makes cryptocurrency better than regular fiduciary money?

  • The speed and lower cost of transactions (especially when it comes to large amounts);
  • There are no restrictions for international transactions;
  • Anonymity in the true meaning of the word;
  • Full ownership of the asset;
  • Easier to invest!

Discover the convenient, trustworthy money of the digital world and use it as casino chips! Good luck and have a good game!

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